Is it difficult to wear false eyelashes? It's as simple as becoming a master of eyelashes.

Time: 2019-07-29
Summary: Four steps to stick false eyelashes: 1. Apply glue;2. Waiting ;3. Apply eyelashes;4. Applying mascara.
Step1. Use a black eyeliner to draw the inner eyeliner so that the inside of the eyelashes should not be left white. When you stick it, your eyes look down to reveal the entire eyelid.
Step2. Cut off the black stalks on both sides of the false eyelashes to avoid scratching the corners of the eyes, and subtract a portion from the trailing end of the false eyelashes according to the length of your eyes.
Step3. Apply eyelash glue, don't be too much. If you don't have a good grasp, you can use a cotton swab to apply glue to apply it. Appropriately in the eye and at the end of the eye to add more amount to strengthen. After applying the glue, don't stick it on the eyelids immediately. It needs to be blown for 10~15 seconds to make the glue semi-dry. At this time, the glue is the most sticky.
Stpe4. Align the middle part of the false eyelashes with the middle of your own eyelashes by hand and gently stick the false eyelashes. The angle of the sticker should be slightly raised upwards, not too flat. And short in front, long in the back.
Stpe5. perfection.Even the masters can't guarantee that the false eyelashes will be applied to the extreme and the perfect one. If you find that the eyelashes are not fit enough, there are white gaps, you can use dark eyeshadow to cover the white gap, powdery eye shadow texture can also make the glue dry faster.
                                                                                         Tips: About unloading eyelashes
Tips: About unloading false eyelashes, you must first unload false eyelashes and then remove other eye makeup. Use a cotton swab to remove the makeup remover and wipe it on the false eyelashes. Wait for 30 seconds to soften the eyelash glue, then pinch the root of the false eyelashes from the end of the eye. Start to remove false eyelashes. Finally, don't forget the mascara that remains on your eyes.

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